Monday, December 14, 2009

lollipop angels

As yet another week leaks away I find Christmas looming up on me too quickly. I really have no idea where the time goes to. Perhaps I am having mini mummy blackouts? Do you think there is such a thing? I seem to wake up on Monday morning and the next thing it is Friday night and I wonder what I did to the week!

Major highlights...

Monday: refereed an argument between my mother and brother - (oh what joy!...NOT)

Tuesday: Didn't cope too well with an almost 3 year olds major meltdown at school presentation day - (very tough day)

Wednesday: I am not even going to get started ...should have stayed in bed!

Thursday: Went to do Christmas shopping only to realise the 2 year old is a lot more cluey about hidden presents than I could've imagined - (waste of time!)

Friday: Decided to use whatever designs I had and finally buy myself some fabric from Spoonflower. Very excited! - (now I am trying to not be too impatient waiting for it to arrive.)

Saturday: Finally started the Christmas shopping - (Yay!)

Sunday: Class mates Christmas presents for the girl. "Make sure there is one for everyone Mum!" - (whew!)

Well....on balance I would say a productive week...So here is what I made for the class in the end.

Lollipop angels

I think they turned out pretty well considering I used only what I had on hand!

Perhaps I will even attempt my very first tutorial, safe in the confidence that hardly anyone is visiting and even if my instructions are impossible to understand no one will let me know and I will be blissfully oblivious to my own crafty shortcomings...

...this idea is sounding better all the time!

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