Monday, March 9, 2009

OINK ! ... a zine

Something I have really been wanting to try...

the minus
aligning pages to be situated next to each other on a photocopier
(wicked under breath swearing could be heard at Officeworks)
...let alone then trying to align the other side so that everything matched up when I got to folding (*#@!!)

the plus
I think it turned out well - feedback so far has been positive - very exciting!

Probably the most rewarding crafty adventure I have had in a long time!

[copies are here if you want to see how it went first hand]


glorydaze said...

Oh, I missed out. Will be back when you have restocked. It looks so cute!

dani (pyglet) said...

Easter break has had me cutting & pasting. Etsy store has now been re-stocked.

TracyC said...

Ohhhh! So awesome! You are wonderfully creative.

Philippine Realty said...

very unique.. :-)