Sunday, August 3, 2008

really?...I've got a blog?

...perhaps not anymore!
How long has it been?
3 MONTHS!!!!
When I put a ban on reading my bloglines I really had no idea that blog writing would fall by the wayside aswell.

Now I am sitting here typing and deleting at equal pace (I keep telling myself a paper journal may be simpler)...but I would like to give this blog thing another should I tell you? (If anyone is listening anyway)

I have been having fun and getting back to myself in a way. In honesty, I really had no idea how much I had lost my own train of thought. One problem is that my bloglines is chock full of BIG talent. I originally thought that should be inspirational but in reality it has only tended toward feeding an increasingly critical inner voice which I found severly limiting and sensoring to a fairly fragile sense of creative accomplishment.

Needless to say, I have decided that Bloglines has to remain banned indefinitely. I had become a blog reader, an art viewer and a success voyeur. These are not bad things to be, and I loved doing them but I felt days and months drift by without ever being a blog writer, an art maker or feeling much of a success....

I actually don't feel a lot in actuality has changed...but I do know my inner critic is a lot quieter without the unneccessary comparisons and pushy self-expectations. I have actually been making some art, selling some fabric and I even got back into swapping - I have been keeping it simple.

So, right now, I have no idea what anyone is up to or has been up to for a while...don't kid yourself that I am not dieing to get into that huge long bloglines list and read every blog post, from my 300 or so blogs, that I have missed over the last 3 months...I am a recovering Bloglines addict... (btw - I wonder how long that would take?)

So apologies if I have not commented, congratulated or complimented lately. My sentiment toward all my blog friends is still very warmly appreciative and sincere. I hope I have not lost too many of you and that you still might enjoy watching and reading as I travel about my tiny corner of the world.


sunshine said...

I am still a reader. Opps I do follow through bloglines as it took to much time in the past to figure out if my 300+ blogs that I follow posted. So when I use blog lines I usually only scan pictures and see what looks interesting then I go to the blog for the full effect. Such as I did today funny you had no pictures but hadn't seen you in a little while glad your still there. take care from sunshine

caroline said...

Still here and still loving what you do! I totally get it with the rss feed thing, it does make one feel a bit inferior from time to time, but I dont think you have anything to worry about on the talent front : )

Nic Hohn said...

Congratualtions for become aware...and you've made changes. Good for you. When you are ok with what you do there is no need for comparison....btw I love what you do

est said...

me too! still here :)

Melanie said...

welcome back. /ignore the inner voice. If yours is anything like mine it will stop you achieving great things

Anonymous said...

Always a delight reading your blog and to see your creations - you know I am a big fan :-) Great to see you back and looking forward to the new things you have in store!

susannah said...

Still reading here too :-P

(Oh, and I can very much relate to your post and the three month hiatus!!)