Thursday, March 20, 2008

book pages...etsy update!

1. buzz 186, 2. river garden - close up, 3. pod 98 - close-up, 4. book drawing, 5. recreation 129 (full view), 6. sunrise close-up, 7. paper 3 (full view), 8. theorem 32 - close up, 9. and with his stripes..., 10. launceston, 11. lake directory - close up, 12. boy, 13. grid - close up, 14. 78, 15. floral messiah, 16. adam - 1, 17. tangency - close up, 18. tangency-close up 2, 19. dots, 20. grid

All originals, mostly not listed before.
All (except 4) over at etsy

(ran out of time::buzz 186::...stripes::recreation 129::paper 3::will be listed after Easter break)


Apologies for my little blog sounding like an etsy advert but as of late a combination of things are conspiring to the effect...

  1. I am not sure I have really that much to say and everything I think to say, I second guess how it sounds (and then I delete it) - which is a bit strange as usually, I could talk the leg off a chair about practically nothing and I wouldn't even notice if anyone was listening.
    I have checked out my earliest posts and they certainly don't seem so fraught with self-conciousness (this is also the reason for the lack of reciprocal comments on all your blogs. I write them but I deleted them just as quickly)

  2. I really would rather say nothing than sound like a whine. Seriously, I am sick of hearing about what I think and how crap I feel.
    "If one can't say anything nice..." - (beginning to contemplate deleting this post)

  3. I am trying to finish off all my unfinished craft projects and also trying to complete some projects that I have had in mind for years (fabric printing? - it may never happen!) and other than organising to drag my junk to a craft fair (probably inevitable), or leaving it to collect dust here (I have plenty of stuff doing that already!) I feel I have to flog it somewhere to subsidise my habits.

  4. We have booked flights to Canada (for my BIL wedding) Very exciting, even though we really can't afford it. We borrowed hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer points to halve the price of flights but I still need to liquidate a heap of my stuff, craft and vintage alike - (I am finding the vintage relinquishment quite difficult!)

Watch this space (or not, as the case may be)... I keep hoping I will be 'back to normal' (whatever that means?) soon.

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leslie said...

i love your book pages, i hope you feel better and more like yourself soon and yay! where in canada are you going?? maybe i can give you some tips : )