Friday, December 14, 2007

pre-2008 period

I am officially writing off 2007! Do you think it is still too early?

I probably already did it in my mind back in June. It is just "a baby year"...they really are a blur!
So I think that means:
  • that in the folds of time December 2006 backs onto January 2008.
  • my 2007 happened, but in a twilight zone of its own where nobody else noticed. (which means that all guilt,embarrassment - insert negative feelings here - over falls with babies, promises forgotten, birthday slackness, extreme lateness, crazy behaviour - insert all other strange and weird happenings from this year here - can be conveniently ignored. :: [mini mummy confession] :: Even the one where I left the baby behind at the shops in a trolley by accident - who does that?!)
  • Christmas will be glossed over and done with the barest of fusses.
  • Birthdays of the season - we have a few - will also be very simple
  • All ideas and resolutions for 2007 now revert to 2008 if applicable.

I will foster a fresh start.

You see, I have also decided that next year is my year and that the rest of this year can be better spent preparing for it. So I am, as of today, in my pre-2008 period. Much more exciting!

Also...Thanks you so much for all your comments on my last post. My intention was not to rap anyone over the knuckles or to solicit comments for the sake of it. Apologies!! I am the worst lurker and have gone through long periods where I don't comment anywhere this year - which is probably a more significant reason why I get only a few myself. I was just trying to work out how this blogger change might be affecting pyglet whispers.
I think most people find it ok to comment but it is a little harder (just a few more hoops to jump through) but the networking/click through thing, which is a bit of an issue for me anyway, has been disabled. I can get email notifications but I cannot contact those people personally or any easier. I have looked at Wordpress and I quite like it but not being able to tweak colours and add html is a bit frustrating (even though I am no expert). I am going to look a bit more closely at Typepad over this pre-2008 period and see what I think. I think a change is in store in some way.

I am determined for blog news to be crafty over the pre-2008 period and I will be trying to finish off some unfinished ideas, organising and listing long awaited listings on etsy.

Two of such:


Melanie said...

Confessions of a bad mother incoming to make you feel ok in regards to your questions "who does that?" when you left your child in a trolley etc
I was so beside myself one day with stress, so many jobs , so many kids, so many projects and studies, that I turned to my naughty kid and berated him in the check out line at safeway very loudly and was ready to smack his naughty backside when a mother called the child I was wasnt my child and it wasnt even the same gender....I was so self absorbed I couldnt see the childs face or features.....(turns out i had post natal depression lol, can laugh about it now:) but not then,,,,, never then. mums are just human and sometimes we do stuff that is just stuff..its really only us that make us feel like we stuff up:)

Anonymous said...

I am definitely not making any bad mother confessions here, but rest assured there are plenty I could make :( I'm with you in writing off '07, and hoping that '08 is my year too.

PS. I could do another plug for Wordpress, but sometimes I feel like a sales pitch, even though I am not associated, blah blah blah. Anyway, Blogger now seems to be supporting OpenID, so hooray for small things.

Kris said...

Well, I'm not going to confess either. Just be assured that when you ask, "who does that?" there's a lot more of us who could put their hands up than you think!

I think looking forward to 2008 is a very clever thing to do. Only 17 days life gets moving in a better direction!

glorydaze said...

Wow, I may as well just cut and paste that post and put it on my blog, I know exactly how you feel about 07!

I am also thinking about changing from blogger, but no definate decisions yet, needs more research.

Love the cards by the way.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm looking forward to 2008 too. 2007 was a filler year LOL. Here's to a creative and inspirational 2008!

Melanie said...

Hello from a regular lurker. Thanking you for an inspiring read and wishing you all the best for The festive season. Merry Christmas!
And have a Fab 2008!!!!

susannah said...

HAPPY 2008 to you!!

I can sympathise.
2007 has been my 'pregnancy blur' year and no doubt 2008 will be my 'baby blur' year. I am having flashbacks to the never ending 'day' that lasts all year long as everything blurs together.... got through it though and you're still crafting :-P

samantha said...

well as to bad mothering, I beginning to think it might be a core skill! the number of times I banged her head on the car door getting her in and out (not to mention the number of times I banged my own dumb head), the times when my PND was really bed and I spent the whole day in bed while she got to watch the 500th rerun of playschool. I agree we all have them, some just don't own up to them.
As for my lack of comments of late, I must seriously apologise, but I have been way behind with my blog reading. (Bloglines currently says I have over 3000 posts to read?! what the?!!) But I have enjoyed catching up on the pyglet adventures. I hope you had a lovely christmas. Here's to 2008.