Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Spot the difference

A very cute vintage print. (cowboy, jackaroo, dogs, red apple, MG symbols) Reclaimed from being a curtain in a former life.

Pretty sure it is this fabric (however no selvedge present)

Also a very cute print. (2 seperate Asian inspired figures, no uk flag, green apple - just a few differences) This was sheeting and a little lighter weight. Interesting that it is so similar.

What do you think? Is the second a cheap knock-off?...of the same era or a retro print?...same designer? (maybe not somehow)

What is the story?


superminx said...

I hope someone tells you. I'm intrigued

leslie said...

what's even crazier is that i have a couple of pillowcases thatfeatures some of teh blocks but not others... definitely have one that has the little asian dude with the hoe (?) but none of the other squares on your version look familiar... if mine wasn't boxed up in the shed i'd get it out to take a pic!

leslie said...

meh, typing errors galore... time for bed!