Tuesday, November 13, 2007

laundry, screaming and cleaning

I have had a tough day...

Laundry, laundry and more laundry.
I cannot believe four people can produce so much bloody laundry! I was thinking as I folded three over full baskets of clean, dry laundry (while 3 other loads were still drying!) that I wouldn't need to do laundry at all if we were all went naked.

So I made the executive decision that the pyglet whispers household will become nudists.

I somehow think I will struggle getting hubby-j to agree to that development however, and given my Fabulous (yes it deserves a capital F!) post, post-baby figure I am sure It could only work for me if I was agoraphobic ...which in my case, sadly, I am not...

Screaming, screaming and more screaming.
The current standard arrangement that the girls have is that lil'z (10 months now) heads toward whatever she would like to eat or play with that belongs to the girl (4 going on 14!), it seems even more desirable if the girl is actively playing with the said item.

She does not stop.
She does not pass go.
No, she just keeps on coming until she is well into it...
(sometimes even sitting on it!).

The girl in turn, just gets on this extremely high pitched, squealing scream (aaarrrgh! I cannot stand it!) - as if a massive, hairy spider is heading her way.

She lies down in front of the toy...z just climbs over.
She barricades it off...z just finds a way through.

In the end invariably, there is a push or a shove, most often explained as " I am just giving her a hug mum!" (yeah right!). Today the girl's tactic was to keep asking me to put z down for a sleep
(I am sure she would be happier if I left z in there all day!)

Needless to say I am enjoying the night-time quiet as I type.

Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.
...and not the productive kind either.

  • Unless you count milk spilt all over the floor, productive...
  • or a vita-brit trail all the way through the lounge room and hall carpet?
  • Perhaps the half made peanut butter sandwich abandoned on the counter?
    (How she gets PB that far through the kitchen I have no idea)
  • Maybe it's the trail of toothpaste squirts down her shirt when she needs to brush her teeth yet again?
    (She will brush those teeth right out of her head - I tell ya!)...
  • or the colourful little finger and hand prints that have mysteriously appeared on every doorway corner today?
    (remind me to never buy cheap markers again!)
  • or indeed the impossible to clean, rice from hell that sticks to every nook and cranny known to man when self-fed by a 1o month old?

    and that is just a quick snapshot.
Whew! Wish me luck on the front lines tomorrow.


Jhoanna said...

oh Dani - I can totally relate! Especially with the fighting and squealing over toys. My one year old and three year old are continuously fighting over things despite my efforts to try to teach them the concept of sharing :-)

Wishing you many opportunities for refreshment and moments of peace for the rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

LOL yep I think there is a market for disposible clothing for children. How I mean just HOW do they manage to go through so many and still look messy and dirty? Sympathies hun. I'm only just over the camping in the back garden mess- just in time for whatever they have planned for this weekend. :-) Thank goodness for crafts.