Friday, November 30, 2007

last day

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  1. When I was young I used to enjoy dress-ups. I was still dressing up in 3rd grade and can remember one of my class mates (I even remember his name) outing me at "show and tell" the following morning after catching me in full crazy garb on my verandah...I also remember being mortified! (the teacher was a drama nut and was quite supportive, thankfully)...I cannot remember dressing-up much after that (except as a fashion victim in the 80's and early 90's) ...

  2. My hair used to be important to me. The most I have ever spent on a hair-do was $400 (I got ripped off!). The longest I have spent getting my hair done was about 16 hours. It was in 2 sittings - a full head of monofibre hair extension dreadlocks in many colours (one night to attach and one night to dreadlock) only cost me 50 quid (in Edinburgh) and a bottle of vodka. (It was worth every minute) I have been most colours (pink, red and white most prevelant) but now my hair has been the same colour and not been cut for years. I think it is more convenient and less expensive but I also think it is a bit sad.

  3. I always knew I would meet my husband somewhere overseas and even wrote in my journal about knowing he was close in the weeks just prior to meeting him... (weird?)

  4. I used to play the piano and the French horn. In hindsight I was probably quite good. I can't remember being that fussed about either and stopped playing both after school. I now cannot play the French horn because of my bell's palsy but sometimes tinkle on the piano (it's amazing how much you can remember) I often think about having lessons again...

  5. I am struggling a bit with myself at the moment and am thinking about making an appointment with a cousellor, travel agent, life coach, hairdresser, personal trainer, personal stylist or nutritionist (the list is actually longer but you get the picture - something's gotta change!)... I would see all of them at once if I were independently wealthy but alas that is not the case.

  6. ummm...weird or random...I'm thinking, I'm thinking...? every day of NaBlo and quite a few before I have thought about abandoning my blog...perhaps it's just a phase that goes with No.5...or just blogger's block.

  7. I can remember as a kid my mum and her friends would go to "the factories" (mainly fabric wholesalers - I can remember she used to even sew my undies!) this was long before bargain bus trips or outlet/direct to the public type stores. I can recall spending hours playing amongst bolts of fabric and in huge bins of things like sheeting, fake fur and offcuts. It was great fun...and could explain alot.

Whew! That last one was a good memory!
Now I am supposed to tag 7 butI know this meme has been around (5 or 7 fact variations) so if I link to you and your not interested...never mind you're off the hook!

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Now I am taking tomorrow off...I will see you Sunday morning!


angelique said...

Don't stop! I have enjoyed your ramblings-if I can call them that- I like to look at your stuff you buy and the pictures you draw.The looking at the stuff you buy stems from pure jealousy mind you! You don't know me from a bar of soap so what I say will make no difference in your decision but on making it I hope you find a lovely happy place. Cheers Angelique
P.S I want to see a photo of you with all those dreads!!!!!

LittleMissMeshell said...

Very interesting, number one was hilarious!

I will get onto this! I think I'll make it a Christmas themed random things.

myslewis said...

I just love love love your style I generally don't comment cos words fail me.
Don't go!
And I am sad to read your #5 - I know that struggle but I have a lovely professional who listens to me:)

ismoyo said...

haha almost a month later i find out you've tagged me! ;)
oops missed it!

pyglet said...

I am so sorry! My fault!
I just realised I didn't leave a comment on anyone's blog.

(Note to self....never cut and paste meme instructions unless you have actually read them closely!!)