Thursday, November 22, 2007

storage salvage

Another drawing completed last night...
If I had the technology I would now put this up as a print in my etsy shop... (buy the printer already!)

I am off to my mum's holiday house today. She has been in a manic throw-out frenzy of late (and I mean in a big way!!) and is clearing out her mountain storage. My sister and I have noticed she is discarding some great items and re-gifting them back to thrift shops or actually hoisting it on anyone who is nearby and can take it with them right that minute, without checking whether we would like them or not!

Some recent examples - My grandmother's dressing table (we got to that at the last minute), a wooden rocking horse, vintage linen (doilies, pillow shams and the like) - see! Who knows what we didn't get to in time!

So today I am the family representative or voice of reason to try to salvage what we can from her "collections". I did notice that one of her gardner/workhand/surrogate sons has voluteered to assist aswell (he's not silly!) His latest "gift" was a very old wooden butcher's block . It was my Uncle's and was supposed to be mine when mum decided she didn't want it anymore. When it came to the moment. she decided for me that I wouldn't be interested in the restoration work that it may have taken and thought it was best to give it to her gardener instead!

Perhaps she was right...but I would've liked the choice anyway

Wish me luck in my negotiations. I could be coming back with a car-load!


glorydaze said...

Buy the printer already! I NEEEED one of those drawings!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! If your family is anything like mine, take a trailer or preferably a horse box! LOL

I hope you manage to keep more precious things in your family. It is so sad when things are given away when family would've treasured them.