Friday, October 26, 2007

S - (still stitching)

Desperate to keep doing something crafty...anything I am worried the "me" bits of my life will dissappear all together otherwise.

Not much else to say as I am sick of using my blog like an agony aunt and otherwise there is not much of note happening
(that isn't 'blah blah' anyway).

Found the repetition of the spool knitting quite therapeutic but I cannot finish the hat I was going to make as lil'z is crazy scared of my mannequin head...

Keyring I am now using, made from my stitchy efforts. Next one will have all the mistakes ironed out (hopefully!)

* * * * * * *
While I am here - has anyone got any suggestions for getting my blog mojo back? I am in need of fresh perspective. I am very sad it is sufferring so badly and would love to be excited about posting again. I have signed up for NaBloPoMo again this year (thanks Ellia for the reminder) ...hopefully that helps.

Anyone else have any good ideas?


est said...

maybe you can start focus on the coming festive season and start planning of x'mas gift/ drawing/ avent tree?that would be something refreshing for you i hope :)

dorie said...

I have no suggestions, other than to say don't feel like you can only blog if you've made a great accomplishment. The regular stuff is interesting too.

I really love these stitched teacups!

Belinda said...

Looks like you have caught the stitching bug too! Goodluck with the mojo thing. I'm not one to talk, my post are far from rivetting. I've never been much of a writer..