Wednesday, August 8, 2007

E - (embarrassment x 3)

This post was going to be about my new interest in embroidery, perhaps also a little about ebay?... and etsy...


Have you ever had moment when you are out, when you are sure that you are 100% annonymous, that you are happily alone and blissfully oblivious to anyone else around you? Imagine if, at a later date, you found out that somebody recognised you and realised it was you.

Not so bad - right?

That being said, imagine that the un-remembered (by you) but remembered (by them) moment was actually a frenzied moment of thrifting. One of those moments when you find an amazing item at an amazing cost and there are lots of them and your thrifting addict just has to have them all and won't let anything or anyone stand in your way. Imagine.

Thanks to this here blog and my want to tell you about my thrifting adventures of last weekend. As well as other people's love of the same type of thrifting locations, I am living this exact scenario right now
(see comment 4 from my "C" post)

You have no idea how many things are rushing through my head... For all I know I could've been sitting on the dirty, concrete floor, my head well into a box, elbow deep in vintage rummaging, snorting in delight...happy as a pyglet in...well you know what... (and that is the more friendly version!)

(that's about all that can be said!)

Have you ever commented on someones blog only to have the page time out on you or something go haywire? You think the comment hasn't been received so you go ahead and comment again...but you can't remember what exactly you said so you write something similar, but not the same and post again?

Of course, then you find out that you did in fact post the first time and now you have two posts up that are essentially the same one after the other. However, it is clear there is no computer glitch as the words are all slightly different and it just looks like you have a case of the comment stutters.

What do you do?

Well me?...I comment yet again! (good one dan!) ...with a comment refering to both the previous comments only to realise that the said blog has comments posted in reverse so the sad-trying-to-be-clever "deja-vu?" comment really makes no sense at all, as it comes before the other offending repeaters.

What do you do then?

...I just cut my losses and left it.
(I have done embarrassment #2 a couple of times. I have also ot very confused and almost commented entirely on the wrong blog about the wrong post too.... eep!)

This is the latest. Where you offer up a freebie postcard (granted it wasn't spectacular, but really...I didn't think that bad?) Only to have not a single comment.

I am not even sure that was the most embarrassing part. You will need to check out the desperado's comment first in line on my letter "D" post to get the full effect.

I must say thanks to Dy for coming to my rescue.


Dy said...

It was my pleasure! :-)
And I think the postcard is ABSOLUTELY spectacular!

I too have done the dumb thing of triplicate posting after thinking it hadn't worked, and then slunk off feeling like a dork :-)

est said...

hey i was so caught up in trying to quilt and the latest needlebook & also surfing 'quilting' blogs and finding thimbles that I'D MISSED yr wonderful postcard!!

cruststation said...

I love the embroidery, looking forward to more. The repeating comments thing is so easily done, I've done it many times :P

samantha said...

I am so the crazy thrifter that I just would be oblivious to anyone being around me - so I hope no one I know sees me! feeling a little red now!
can't wait to see some more embroidery.

Anonymous said...

Embroidery is looking great! I look forward to seeing more of it.

Karyn said...

I can't believe no one would want your postcard. I always gaze at your drawings wondering how your mind must meander as you draw the shapes and dots and lines that you do.

I'm a completely geometric person myself - all straight lines and symmetry - but I love, love, love randomness and swirly things - I only wish I could create them myself!

Oh man, I can't even count the times I've posted a comment and suffered the indignity of the situation you described. I almost stopped posting because my pc would hiccup so much that everytime I started a comment I just knew it was going to happen...

Corrie said...

no it would only be embarrassing if I'd come up, take the box off you and said please don't take them all woman!!!! and then realised you were the lovely lady who had been to our blog meet up when I wasn't there! now that would be embarrassing and i'm glad we avoided it!