Friday, May 4, 2007

just five favourites?

This challenge has taken me a while to get to but here it is

Five favourite blogs
(recently anyway - so many nice ones to choose from!)

cheeky beaks, kirin notebook and aunty cookie:
Amazing Aussie gals who are all currently printing their own fabrics on a small commercial scale.

I had to buy some!
I vicariously live through them, wishing a fabric fairy would come to my house and organise me into my own fabric day, maybe.

soto softies:
Well...just the most amazingly cute softies and I cannot believe she completed this in one night!

I have a thing about being productive...or not as the case may be with me. All these ladies have me marvelling at their super productivity and ability to NOT procrastinate...if only *sigh*

Lastly, a bit out of left field for a craft/sahm blog but silversprite always has something of interest to say, has a great "stay-at-home-on-an-island-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-wouldn't-I-love-that" kind of lifestyle and if you look through some of his archives, some absolutely FANTASTIC photos and stories from life in the Scottish Isles (one of my favourite places when backpacking - you'll see why if you check out some of the beach shots)

Tagging the last five to comment (that have a link)
ismoyo, 2begin2, samantha of whizzme, dorie of tumbling blocks and tracey of peppermint patch. Pick it up only if your interested ladies!


samantha said...

I love all the fabric too, but haven't managed to score any yet - waiting for Kirin notebook's raspberry run. I also love soto softies and I really enjoyed spending some time looking at the silversprite site. I'll try to get to this soon. let you know - only 5 - wow that will be hard!

ismoyo said...

I'm tagged! I'll try and select 5 wonderful blogs soon. Hm, how to select?

dorie said...

just five? Yikes! You were very judicious in you choosing, though. Thanks for sharing!