Tuesday, April 24, 2007

getting bored yet?

New drawings...

"theorem 32"

I have particularly enjoyed these top two. I really like the way the first one flows and seems to animate the page somehow
(purely accidental).


The second is a really quirky page of men exercising in a fitness manual from 1947. I like the different designs I used to overlay the photos...(not so often I can totally say that)...so much to look at (...and a bit difficult to photograph)

Two others...(click for close up)

"tangency" ....... "eye & vision"

I also whipped up a quick idea for the back of my cards that I have listed again on etsy. It is just a small rectangle (3cm x 4cm?) with info and the like. I think it works pretty well. I modelled the piggy after my mascots

I have half the book pages, more cards and more vintage fabric listed on etsy already. Hopefully I'll get the rest up this week.

Fingers crossed!


Denise said...

Super Nice and Beautiful as always ^_^, keep it up!!

shula said...

Never, ever bored...

samantha said...

I might be a little late in catching up, but I'm never bored. Your wonderful works always leave me feeling awestruck - if only I could produce something half so good. And love the new blog colours too.

Anonymous said...

these new drawings are so wonderful! just gorgeous

Tracey Petersen said...

OH MY GOODNESS. I have just followed a link from the two lime leaves blog to here. Your work is just stunning! I feel quite overwhelmed by it's beauty. I'll be back, most definitely.