Thursday, March 1, 2007

gocco lotto

Joining these lucky ladies in my own once in a lifetime thrifting jackpot

complete with:
...yellow B6 unit
...B6 masters x 6
...print bulbs x 24 screens x 2 screen x 1 and clear gocco powder
...gocco design encyclopedia and other printed paraphenalia

no inks :(... but really, who would complain considering the price on that little green sticker!


kirsten said...


are you serious? that is so crazy!
lucky you!

Tobey said...

I think that goes down in history as the absolute best thrift find EVAH!!!!!

butterflyrocket said...

Yayyyy!! That is brilliant!! And is that price correct? Phewwwww $5 cheaper than mine and mine had no bulbs or masters!
Can't wait to see what you do with it. Your designs are so perfect for it!!

jek-a-go-go said...

a buck? really? wow! wow! wowza! have fun!

Belinda said...

WOW a dollar!! What an awesome find, especially with all those bulbs. Because you can only use them once. They are probably your most expensive running cost. I get my supplies from here

They are located on the Northern Beaches, but will deliver if you can't pick up direct.

Have fun!!

suzy said...

So jealous! Where did you find it?

theresa said...

super score! YEAH! COngrats!!! and have the most fun with it!

kirsty said...

Trying SOOOOO hard not to HATE YOU right now ;) How could anyone be so lucky???
The jealousy will kill me! Well done you!