Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Sadly...I ran out of glue yesterday and so the postcards will not be in the mail until late today...I am sure they will all get there in time but I apologise for my slackness anyway.

Sadly...very sadly...my laptop ran out of...well...something last night as well and apparently hubby-j was greeted with a blue screen this morning. He is trying to fix it but he had to rush to work and it looks stuck on "26% completed" anyway.

Sadly...all I know about fixing my sweet 'puter is that hubby-j said to type "f...i...x...b...o...o...t" when "26%" turns into "completed".

Sadly...he said this may never happen!

Sadly...he said I may lose all my photos and ex-work documents. It feels a bit like when you loose your handbag and you can't remember exactly what you had in there...I am more upset that I can't think if there was anything of real importance of not.

Sadly...that means no advent photos as hubby-j has not shown me how to upload them via his computer. (it was a very cute christmas decoration for my yet-to-be-assembled tree)

Sadly...nothing can be done until tonight when the computer fixer (lets hope that is the right name for him) comes home.

Sadly...this will give me a bit more time to do the dreaded housework and christmas shopping (oh...and christmas tree assembly) that needs doing before the baby arrives...that doesn't sound like as much fun as all the other things I had planned to do.

Sadly...I am at the end of this post and the computer is still stuck on "26% completed"...not very promising.


kirsty said...

Now I feel sad, too. That is one of my worst nightmares :(

Nichola said...

oh no! i hope it's fixable.

Kirsty said...

I know how you feel. In July this year my computer wiped my documents. and it had EVERYTHING in there. I cried for an hour, then paid $300 for the computer guy. Not my husband a REAL expensive computer guy to run a retrival program and he got some of it back, but it took a while to get over. If I had been pregnant I would have cried for at least 4 hours!!!

Kirsty said...

I didn't mean retrival Whats that??? I meant retrieval

Melissa said...

Thats sad... (hugs)

Joy Morykon said...

sadly.. you probably have a pc. You should tell Santa you want a Mac for Christmas..

I couldn't resist. i'm a HUGE Mac fan. no blue screen of death.. Hope you do get it fixed tho so you can get your pictures back.

love your advent idea!

myra said...

Oh no, hurry home computer fixer!