Thursday, December 28, 2006

no news is usually good news...

but in my case it is news.

baby update:
Mini pyg is still cosily tucked away and I have been given till the 4th January before induction will need to take place. Fingers are still crossed. I have to go up to the hospital tomorrow to monitor the baby for a bit just to make sure the heart rate is ok over a longer period of time. My doctor has gone on holidays as of today and he will be covered by the same doctor that delivered my girl...Not so bad as it was my choice this time for the chance of going into natural spontaneous labour rather than an earlier induction . Baby has not engaged at all (my standard M.O. so doctor isn't worried- the girl never engaged either uintil labour) so I am still feeling pretty well and active.

No crafting has been done but I still don't have my camera software anyway so photos are out. I can't wait to show off the vintage singer sewing machine (working) and vintage wooden sewing caddy (full of vintage fabric, buttons and other goodies) my mum gave me for christmas.
Oh! and the overlocker (with lessons I will so need) for my birthday.

Our christmas and family time has been great and hubby-j even ventured to say this year was his best christmas since arriving in Australia.

Hope everyone had an equally wonderful, restful holiday.


katef said...

I am a long time lurker and admirer and just wanted to wish you luck with the up coming arrivial. I hope you have a peaceful birth and wonderful babymoon... whenever that may be

ellia said...

happy birthday and merry christmas!!!! so the baby is still relaxing in there, eh?! oh but the baby will be SO HAPPY to meet you soon- as i am sure you are too :)

big belly rubs to you and a safe few more days!!!! i have been thinkin' lots about you!


Sally said...

I was away for a couple of days, but hoping to come back for some exciting news - maybe next year! :)

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Glad you had a peaceful Christmas, fingers crossed for little pyg's safe arrival.

Dawn said...

Hope it is soon...very soon!!!!

Kirsty said...

I came by today expecting the big announcement!!! But you're Still hanging in there!!! Wishing you a spontaneous labour. I had 2 spontaneous and 2 inductions and the inductions just suck compared to the natural!!!