Wednesday, December 6, 2006

good morning!

I have had a good morning.

After finding the baby (after two more weeks head down) had turned back up to head up (not good!). I am quietly confident that this morning, I am now being kicked in the lungs rather than being punched. Let's hope so, as the options the doctor suggested for the baby's "unstable lie" (they have jargon for everything!) did not seem too appealing. We now are hoping for the head to drop and lodge into the pelvis - this seems like the only way this little gymnast might stay put.

Finished the above card last night and though simple I think it is my favourite...they might become my christmas tags for this year's I've just got to figure out wrapping paper (maybe I'll crack out another gocco screen?)

The computer fixer (yes..that is hubby-j's new name!) came home last night and everything is fine and working this morning. He is going to get me something to archive my old photos on over the next couple of days...YAY!

I won one of these from the lovely Kirsty. The tree will need to go up soon.

I got a lovely and spontaneous compliment from hubby-j about my christmas postcards (a rare-ish event)

I now have two new glue pens and a few new glitter colours - green and blue (feeding the addiction)


...all this practically outweighs the drudgery of having to wash these sheets (that belong to my little pee-machine) for the fourth morning in a row!


kirsty said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! *snort* "pee machine" ha ha ha!

ps Do you by any chance know how readily available clear glitter is?? I love the old-fashioned glittery look!

Shell said...

Hehe, I can't say that I'd be stoked about washing pee pee sheets every morning either! Glad the little one has decided to shuffle around inside you - it must be something of a relief!

The card design is beautiful! You have such an eye for design.

leesa said...

Love the card! if it helps, I too was washing pee sheets - kids!

Sally said...

I love your cards too (as commented on flickr...) Best of luck with rotating baby baking, and I don't get to clean pee sheets, but I often get to clean pee on the kitchen floor near the garbage bin each morning!

van said...

can't wait to see the new pyglet!
all is said when other people compliment your work (kick ass as usual and now with glitter! oh wow!) and the pee lady.
So glad mine is still on diapers...
one day, me and the sheets and the pee and the washer... oh we'll all have a blast.