Monday, December 4, 2006

christmas postcards

Finally finished my Christmas postcards for nikkishell's swap
...(just a smidge late)

This is the design I ended up working took me a while to draw one I liked...

I think I am at viewing saturation right now and am disappointed with my final photos (shiny card and glitter is a photography challenge).

I also think I may be cultivating a healthy glitter addiction (maybe it is just the passing Christmas viral variety - I am sure a new baby will cure that one!)

Well here they are! I tried a variety of colours...I think they all still look christmassy (sp?) (closer look over here)

(again I apologise for the photos - if you receive one, see if you can do a bit better for me - they are much better when seen for real...I think!)

I find the gocco process a bit spontaneous. So I end up doing heaps of prints and just going with whatever comes out. I always have lots left over...

Stay tuned as I can feel a "FreePost"-christmas in the wings!


Julie K in Taiwan said...

Nothin' wrong with a glitter addiction, nothin' at all! ***clutches glitter glue bottle closely***

Great cards!

Linda said...

these are brilliant! so so so beautiful! Yes I agree nothing wrong with a glitter addiction, a girl can't have enough glitter.
your cards are very special indeed.

kirsten said...

very beautiful - what was in your advent today?

kirsty said...

Just lovely! I really love your style. Every drawing you do is magical.

Dy said...

What a fantastic design, it looks great in every colour!