Saturday, November 11, 2006

match made in heaven

Hopefully this will be a short post...I am buggered!

Tonight was our much awaited "date night". It has been organised (girl sleeping over at mum's) for at least a month.

Today, however, I worked and hubby-j helped my sis to move house. We got home after dropping off the girl and just the thought of getting dressed and cleaned up for dinner and a movie was too exhausting. As it happens pizza and a video won out.

I have only just now scraped myself off the floor where I would've regretted the painful slumber I was inevitably falling into and I am writing this post.

So much for a adult conversation, romance and making the most of a child free date night...


...I can't hear hubby-j...I think he may have fallen asleep.

What a truly great couple we are!


nichola said...

sounds familiar!

Melissa said...

Sometimes pizza and a movie is even better because you don't have to leave the comfort of your couch.