Friday, November 3, 2006

library luck

Today I joined the library.

Now this is not so strange in itself...a mum with small children joining the library...and I have always intended to join but it has never ended up being the day for it.

but today was different...

I went looking for a place to colour photocopy a design today to jazz up my pumpkins.

  • Was that papercrafting idea ultimately ridiculous?


  • Did I waste my money on expensive colour copies that were listed on the website as 1/3 the cost?...

ummmm...Yes probably! (a refund request is in place - but I am not holding my breath!)

  • Did I decide to look at some books in the library?...

ummmm...Yes! (but only absent-mindedly whilst I was waiting for help)

  • Did I join up to the library today because it is a wonderful, inexpensive and educational facility that will be useful for the family and my children for many years to come?

ummmm....*ahem* No? (does that make me a bad mumma?)

....Yes, yes, yes! (and this one and this one too)

Oh yes...and we did manage to squeeze a book in for the girl as well?
(does that make it OK?)

1 comment:

Kate said...

Your library has fabulous books! My spending on books has definitely gone down after discovering what I can get at my library.