Thursday, November 23, 2006

drawing difficulties

I am finding it increasingly difficult to bend myself over my drawing table without baby pyglet giving me repeated protests.

It is making for a difficult time drawing.

Nonetheless, I have been working on this the last couple of days.

I usually draw without any real plan and just let the shapes take form on a whim. This, I have tried to plan (see all the pencil?) and I am finding it a bit overdone.

I thought it was going OK but I now believe it may have lost its way.

I really don't like it. I think I need to leave it for a bit, maybe try a different tack or just start again.


I am going to bed...hopefully it looks better tomorrow.


syko kajsa said...

Oh, I have the same crafting situation, except baby-syko is messing with me from the outside... And I started to make some bags today that I really don't like.

Kirsty said...

Looks fine to me but yeah i know where your coming from when its just not coming together.