Sunday, November 19, 2006

4 weeks to go...eeek!

I have realised this weekend that I really only have about 4 weeks to go and I feel behind in a big way. Everything is becoming baby focused and I can feel my brain beginning to switch off in preparation. I am in a race to beat it before it does. I need to get a whole lot of things done before I go into mush mode.

  1. tax (personal and business...still!)
  2. new agent to continue to try to sell our unit (7 months and counting!)
  3. god daughter's birthday (got some handmades to make)
  4. mother's birthday (almost forgot that one...eeek!)
  5. labour/hospital bag (not not packed yet!)
  6. crap!...Christmas presents (including hubby-j's mum - better send that O/S soon!)
  7. furniture for the babies room
  8. update etsy (not sure that is high on the must do list at this point...more's the pity)
  9. Christmas postcards (currently in the works...thankfully)
  10. washing, sorting and more washing of hand-me-downs, so I can figure out what else we might need.

yes, that is just a portion of the laundry pile!

I don't know about any one else out there but with all that to do I get this incredible urge to hideaway. Last time I thought it was stress but I can feel it this time too. I don't want to go anywhere, start anything, talk to anyone or do anything (let alone any of those chores)...

...hiding under a rock seems like a good option.

A friend today suggested that the instinct might be natural, similar to animals disappearing to hide in some safe place before having a litter.

Maybe that explains why I have been feeling a little feral lately?

* * * * *

Some good did appear out of that horrid pile above however, in the form of some vintage and handmade lovelies...

I am not sure a boy could pull either of these two off however...

tonight's vote?... for a girl.


Rachael Herbert said...

That's quite the 'to do' list! Just don't overdo it with your little one on the way. I'm always making lists to better organize myself and sometimes when I see all the little jobs pile up it can be overwhelming! :P

nichola said...

I felt the same in the weeks before Esme was born. I didn't want to go anywhere (was scared i'd go into labour far from home with a toddler in tow), didn't want to see anyone, just wanted to lay low.
Don't overdo it with your 'To Do' list, take it easy.

Linda said...

I am sure it is our bodies (and minds) preparing us for the huge event ahead, take it easy and go with it!!!!!the vintage and handmade things are lovely :)

butterflyrocket said...

Little by little. As the wise gals have said before me...take it easy! You'll get there...and if you don't, it REALLY doesn't matter!

I am the same...the more I have to do the less happens. Enjoy the last 4 weeks alone with your girl :) 4 weeks!!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!! December babies are lovely but then I am biased!

ellia said...

hahaha, well at least you can do washing!!!!! i have to wait until april- my!!! but i am sure the baby will turn on its own... my sister's baby was not turned right and the doctors and nurses actually pushed on her belly and made the baby move... my sister said it was the worst pain ever :( and she still needed a c-section.... but your baby will do the flip and maybe you will get to actually feel and see it doing the turn!!! best wishes on this last month :D :D belly rubs to you!

Sally said...

when I have too much to do I get really sleepy tired - I just don't want to do anything!
I say enjoy your nesting and do as much as you feel comfortable with. Don't push yourself too hard - especially with today's heat and tomorrow is supposed to be 38!
Love the vintage pink outfit. Hope you get a girl to wear it!