Monday, October 9, 2006

what a day!

I have been working on getting this and a couple of extra things in the mail and sent off today. I have had a bit of a shocker.

Firstly I made the wrapping bag the wrong way but decided to go with it anyway and change my way of tying it together. Then, I realised I had to make more contact detail cards before I could seal an envelope. You can probably guess, this was after I had already sealed the said envelope.

In making the cards, I think I may have cut the end of my thumb off with my scalpel.

Look at that bandaging job! Alarming! (the job, not so much the injury)
Thank God I am not a nurse...right?

(that's the girls foot too as she has been quite a mischief today and wants to be crafting alongside mummy - she was hopping around trying to get her toes into the photo...what the hell...they are cute toes!)

I had finished the mugmat parcel off prior to the emergency surgery and it was only when I came to bubble wrap it I realised I had accidently spurted blood onto the pristine white bow...

N...I...C...E !
(do you think the customer would mind?)

It has all been re-done now and I am off to the post office.

That is if blogger will now be cooperative. (grrrrr!)


whizzme said...

ow! that looks bad - but I am glad you won't be bandaging me at any time!! :)

ellia said...

awww i hope the person will totally love it for all the work put into it! and the blood shed! awww... such a cute photo and a sweet package too! yes, kiddie toes are cute :D