Wednesday, October 18, 2006

tune in Tokyo

Calling all JAPAN bloggers

I need to arrange a swap. Actually I am desperate. I really need your help.

In the last couple of days I have been searching my house, car, bins, fabric drawer, general get the picture...for a particular marker. I was in the process of finishing a drawing but it seems I have lost one of the markers I used and now I can't do anything without it.

I purchased these markers the some years ago when I was in Tokyo.

Today I have been scouring the web looking for a place I can purchase the lost colour online but I am having no luck. It seems they are not available in Europe or in the US either.

They are by TOMBOW and are labelled PlayColor 2 (as you can see in the pics). I have only lost one - number 24 and one is leaking - number 13 but it looks like they have changed some of their colours so I thought I might update those aswell. There are 14 in total. From their catalogue I do not beleive that they are too costly (about $20-$25AUS? maybe less). Just very difficult for me to get here in Australia.

What can I swap in return? I can send some vintage fabric?... one of my frogs?... a dragonfly?... a drawing or linocut?...actually tell me what you might like from Australia or from me and we will work something out. I really need those markers right now and I just know I am going to obsess until I get them.

So...If you can help (I will love you forever *smile*) please email.

pyglet at gmail dot com


karen said...

HI there,
i found these here if that helps

Baglady said...

I wish I could help you get the markers - and am sorry to say I can´t. But I just HAD to let you know how much I love your work! It is amazing,inspireing and beautiful. I came across your blog for the first time today, and immediately added it to my "daily tour" list - it is great!

Greetings from Norway

dani (pyglet) said...

Thanks for the link Karen. Tombow seems to sell their fine pens in the US but even on your link I can't find the PlayColor markers. Brush markers seem to be the most similar but I need both the thick and fine points that PlayColor has.
Thanks for trying though xox

baglady - thanks so much for your lovely comments and for the link. Wonderful to have visitors all the way from Norway!

ellia said...

what about this site??!

i see tombow in the search... and i looked up playcolor 2 and still alot came up... if you happen to find it, lemme know! and if you DO find them, ship internationally too! (check under shipping info)

dani (pyglet) said...

Thanks Ellia. Still no luck. They bring up the brush pens (which do look cool but not what I need). It seems the brush pens are sold everywhere but not the thick and thin tipped ones (PlayColor2). Thanks for the link though xox

suzy said...

Hey, I will keep an eye out for them. Do you remember where you bought them (the store, or the type of store) in the first place? I'll be in Ginza tomorrow so can check out Itoya...

dani (pyglet) said...

Suzy is amazing!
She found some and is sending them across.
I am a lucky girl. Thank you so much Suzy! xox

Anonymous said...

You can find the Playcolor2 markers online! They sell it at the Japanese pen store ^.^