Monday, October 23, 2006


EDIT: My posts are still being chopped off in Bloglines. Please visit my site to read this or any other broken sounding posts

Things are still a bit of a shambles at the pyglet whispers household.
Poor girl look like she has had a moustache ripped of her top lip she is so chaffed from tissue-burn (Ouch! It looks so sore!).
The cold is getting better though.

I have quite a few things half on the go.

I am going to try and wrestle with the other crafty types here today - 20% off. We will see how it goes. I am not real good at crowds of rude people. Crafty ladies can be ruthless in the pursuit of a bargain. Lets hope they are all smiley and cheerful today and I don't have too many battle scars to show this afternoon.


nichola said...

Ouch! poor chick. Make sure you hold onto your handbag in SL, we all know what happened to mine.

Kate said...

Hope you survived Spotlight - I just came back, had to take my girls in the double pram - got a bit stuck a few times, but 20% off - we had to go.

kirsten said...

you should be able to set your bloglines settings - there are different choice - i don't know blogspot, though, so i don't know where to do it.

sue said...

I hope you get your marker soon. I love the bugs, they look adorable.