Monday, October 30, 2006

great instructions...are they yours?

I made this little pillowcase dress for the girl today. She loves it!

At about 50 cents for a good quality thrifted pillowcase it is definately the cheapest summer play dress that she owns. The best thing though is that they are just so easy and I am not usually a gal that can sew dresses.

I used these "easy peasy" instructions

but I am a bad, bad blogger as I now cannot remember where I saw the original.
They are from Stacy over at Mama's Doodles - check out her gorgeous pillowcase transformation

I am so sorry, please come forward and tell me as I would like to credit you for such simple and easy instructions.

I have searched everywhere and found lots of other instructions some free and some not but none quite as simple as the above single-page illustration.

Whoever you may be...(Ahem! Sorry Stacy!)....thank you so much for great instructions


sunshine said...

I made a baby dress recently out of an old pillow case for use on a doll or premie or newborn baby. I think it came out real cute too. I hope your little girl like the one you made. Yours is a little difernt style than mine though. I had a real bodice that you cut from the closed end of the pillow case then sew in lace and add lace to hem a in about 3-4 hours you have a pretty cool baby gown. yours was probbably quicker less sewing I think.

lovely job

Stacy said...

Oh, I'm flattered! Those were my "easy-peasy" instructions and I'm so very happy that you found it as uncomplicated as I did. :) Your dress turned out simply adorable.

Kirsty said...

Cute dress!! My girls are getting too tall if I made them a dress from a pillow case it would be a top!!! For Molly probably with her middle showing !!!