Thursday, September 28, 2006

generally unfinished, generally frustrating!

Sorry about the last post.
It sounded like it might be me needing that glue to keep my wits together.

The tiredness is still chasing me and I can't seem to get my sleep bank in credit. I have felt really busy but I am not sure that a lot is actually getting done.

I still haven't listed the mugmats on etsy but they are finished and just awaiting some labelling and wrapping. Yesterday i spent all day trying to locate some of the cork sheet that I use for backing and it seems that they are no longer importing it - eek! I am driving to get the last small bundle I could find today. It will mean I can finish the supplies I have but I will need to find another source before more can be made - and that is proving difficult.

I have also been doing a study(?) on this image.

EDIT: No...nothing wrong with it but I am fiddling with the size, colours, shapes, framing and the like - would that be called a study?...maybe just a copy and tweak?

It is my most favourited image on flickr. I am hoping to finish it soon and I am thinking of listing it on etsy aswell (surprise, surprise!) but I get a bit attached to my drawings once they are finished - I am thinking that perhaps it is time to bite the bullet and get over that bit of sillyness.

Everything is a bit unfinshed generally. The house is a mess, I still have mini jobs that feel like they are multiplying, my pregnancy dermatitis has decided to ramp up and won't heal (I can't understand how something can itch and pain so much at the same time)
Everything is just generally frustrating. Thankfully I had a good fabric score at a thrift shop yesterday. Retro geometric always puts a smile on my face

Oh well!
I am supposed to be driving to the Hunter Valley today to visit my mum and granma....the inertia is overwhelming and I am not real sure I am going to even make it out of the house.

Wish me luck!


Stacy said...

...i would have never guessed that the drawing above was unfinished. Can't wait to see what else you do with it.

Keep the smiles on & take care of yourself!

lyn said...

You take it easy - you hear !
I just love your designs, and I agree with Stacy, that drawing looks fantastic to me.

kristin said...

you do such wonderful work!! you simply amaze me...thanks so much for the freepost!! i love the pumpkins!!!