Sunday, August 13, 2006

three more sleeps...

I am off to Adelaide with the girl!
I haven't been there before.
We are going to show some support for her Poppy (grandad) at this.
He thinks he might win a gold medal!
This will be her first plane trip!
We will be road tripping it back with my parents.
We are both very excited.
Only three more sleeps!

btw...If anyone has any suggestions of interesting crafty places or bargain secondhand stores in the area....please leave a comment

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whizzme said...

Hey Pyglet, my home town. There are plenty of secondhand shops around, try magill road and payenham road if you can. Stirling in the hills is a wonderful little town, with litte habi store, and a great bookstore next door, plus if you get a chance go to the Organic Market (a store). Also King William Road(not street) is groovy from memory. Maybe pop in and see Carly of Moopy & Me, she has some great shops near her little studio.