Sunday, August 27, 2006

aspects of pregnancy

EDIT: Back from our road trip. Will show photos of the country thriftiness over the next few days while I catch up on washing and drawing - started one almost every day but never finished any...meant to post this before I left...

Baby brewing is at about half way now....

Missing sashimi, runny boiled eggs, ricotta with fruit on toast (even though I am sure that it is pasteurised in this country. It is probably fine) and strangely, beer even though I very rarely ever drink?

Craving oranges (4 in one sitting or 10 in a day is my record!) before that it was gold kiwi fruit and before that 100's of mandarins.

There will be no photos of my expanding belly as I am sure that the baby is just pushing my fat further and further forward. I am not sure that it is immediately obvious that I am pregnant and not just plain FAT!

Annoyed that Myer and David Jones (biggest department stores here) have scrapped their maternity sections. Target and Kmart (yes I have been trying everywhere) have also minimised their sections to only one small stand each with absolutely nothing wearable in my mind. I am at that stage that I am wearing the same outfit all the time. I have to find some new clothes soon. I have tried looking for simple maternity patterns and can't find anything. I guess I'll have to hit the boutiques. Scary! (remember we don't have a spare few hundred dollars at the moment).

Sick of my skin. I have the same dermatitis on my both my feet that blessed me last pregnancy (I am managing it at this point) and my old maternity pants that I was sure I was going to be able to resurrect are giving me full leg rashes (like an all over burn!) if I wear them any longer than an hour. Hence the problem highlighted above. Weird and uncomfortable.

At this stage in my last pregnancy I must have put on about 15 kilos! Thankfully I have put on absolutely nothing. YAY! I find I can only eat small meals. My digestion is so unusually slow that by dinner I still feel like I just ate breakfast (from the day before) and attempted to stuff a tiny lunch around the edges.

People (including close family) keep forgetting that I am pregnant. Actually I even have difficulties sometimes remembering. It is certainly not as vivid a sensation for me as the first one. Maybe I am just carrying a quieter/calmer personality this time? (that might be a nice change)

I can feel the baby moving finally which is a relief. Every appointment I went to I was wondering if they would even find a baby!

I found out that hubby-j and I are one of the only 30% of couples that don't want to find out what sex the baby is before the birth. Looking forward to the surprise!

Weird symptom of severe, hour long, nipple pain when I get even slightly cold.

Awkward scrambling at the inopportune times that the girl will grab my loose fitting shirt to reveal my tummy (and much more) yelling "Your tummy's getting real bigger mumma!"

However...mostly having fun!

EDIT: Adelaide was helpful for clothes...bless my mum that she couldn't..."stand seeing me dressed in black yet another day!"...Thanks mum!


samantha said...

oooh I remember the nipple pain - ow! I had to have a fresh lemon juice everyday, and now little miss L love raw lemons! maybe your little one will love oranges?!

leesa said...

I too couldn't get anough oranges, the people at work thought I was nuts eating 3 in one sitting! It took ages to finally feel as though I was pregnant, I guess my last vivid memory was being huge and battered and bruised from the inside. Maternity clothes....I feel your pain. I found some great t-shirts in Myer Miss Shop yesterday that stretch all the way over my belly for $19.95 (and trust me its huge!) also try Jay Jay's for similar shirts, just look for the ones that look like dresses! Definatly more aches and pains this time, in the most unusual places - thank goodness tomorrow is my last day at work!

Mirre said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy :))))

Your drawings are beautiful by the way!

van said...

oh yay! finally some news on the pregnancy! yumm!
how come you don't take some of that extra fabric and make some sweet shirts for yourself? - like this one, im sure you can find a pattern on your thrift finds!
thank you for being the first to comment, this time i should really send something over but i keep puting it aside because i never know what to get you.
Let me get sorted on moving and ill get that out of the way!
promisse. have a great weekend!