Thursday, August 10, 2006

3 for 9 and fabric design?

Thanks so much for all your encouragement about my designs. I am having fun!

Three for the 9th and there was also a bit of colour.



For all those out there yelling "FABRIC DESIGN!!" or there abouts...

Thankyou for the compliment. I have thought about it many times but am at a bit of a loss as to where to turn next.

1- Do I give it a shot and print it myself?
....with bubblejet set and freezer paper? Do I pick up screenprinting or should I pay a professional screenprinter?

2- Do I pitch directly to fabric companies?
....who are they, where are they and would they really appreciate some SAHM asking for an appointment to pitch some hand drawn designs?

3- Surely I would need to be a bit more professional
....How should I be doing my designs (hand drawn? digital?)? Which programs should I be using? (e.g. for printing?) What size should they be?

4- Maybe I should study first....perhaps that will take too long?
Which course? (I believe TAFE has deleted their specific textile printing course) I've already studied graphic design...ages ago, but is that enough?

Oh dear! This is about where I get to every time I think about it. I find it all a bit paralysing. Silly huh?

Much easier to stay a reclusive mum safe inside my home.
(Safe? With, soon to be, two littlies? Can I hear some of you laughing?)

Unlikely, I step at a time and I might just get there.


weirdbunny said...

Cheeky beaks does her own fabric, e/mail her for advice. I love the top one it reminds me of tulips.

Cheeky Beaks said...

Pay the professional! You can do it, all you need is the talent and you already have that. The rest can be sorted.

Jamie said...

It is my understanding, if you pitch to a fabric company... that a rough idea is good enough... However, I would believe the more complete and "professional" the pitch, the better your chances.

I also would believe that some fabric companies would be better to be associated with, not just compensation, than others... how you go about figuring that out is beyond me.

But I have gone to market, and asked how they pick new designers and they say you can literally, just mail in your ideas on a napkin... exageration, probably... but it didn't sound like they were that sophisticated about the process.

Good luck!!

ellia said...

hah! i just read this after saying the same thing! hmmm, i say try pitching it to the companies too! maybe for a good way to send it off you could do this:

print it on paper (do handwork is fine, no need to digitalize it) then cut out (yep, you know i love cut paper) a dress or something cute... hand draw a person and glue on the "dress"... make it like a postcard and send it off to whomever...

also, i know i need to do this too, but what about pitching it to wrapping paper companies? there is a book called the 2006 illustrators market book and they have a section for paper goods... wrapping paper, scrapbookign companies, they will have the info... the book is almost $30usd... worth it... i have the 2002 one and i have a 2003 childrens illustrator market book too.... you can also just wait a couple months until they release 2007...

coulda just emailed you, eh?! sorry for the lenghthiness

Sarah said...

No idea how you go about it - but take a risk - the worst a fabric company can say is no! And then you try again. Your designs are amazing.

Freespirit in the US seems to have lots of great new designers try them.

Best of luck.

syko said...

(sorry but) I'm glad to read about another crafting mamas buts about doing your own thing. Maybe you'll have the time later? That's what I've started to think lately... Even a simple thing as starting my own company seems overwhelming at the moment... BUT as they all say - I would love to make something of YOUR fabric! And I don't think you need to study everything to be allowed to do things. You don't need univeristy to become a genious, if you know what i mean ;) Uups, I got talkative , when the kids are finally in bed I enjoy myself :)