Friday, July 28, 2006


I am on a roll!
I have three or four posts I want to get to but I don't want people to miss them either.
Ah, what a is either a feast or a famine!

Just some gift tags I made up as a little something extra to add to outgoing parcels.
I sat last night doing some extra sets.
My favourites are the top three (especially those 70's fashion models) but as they are in short supply I think mixed sets of 12 might work better.

As usual, email me if you would like to buy some
(pyglet @ gmail dot com)
( I have been in retail mode lately haven't I?)

EDIT: I have done a few sets of just one kind of tag.
I have available sets of bunnies, music, birds and I couldn't leave out those ladies of 70's fashion. Other than that the sets are mixed - Hope that helps!

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