Monday, June 12, 2006

some thanks

These thankyous are, in some cases, long overdue...

Firstly, thankyou for all the lovely comments and congratulations for our upcoming mini pyg. It's great to be back and participating in this most generous and creative group of bloggy ladies.
Luving all of ya!

Secondly, a much belated thankyou to Claudia who sent me a very special swap package some time ago which I never posted about. I now have this gorgeous fella staying at my house (Claudia - If you happen to notice, his beak is a bit different, he and the girl had a slight altercation where I had to do some minor surgery) He even came with his own matching carry bag.

I also received lots of other great things including fabric, stickers and stationery. Thankyou Claudia

Thirdly, another belated thankyou to Susannah who sent this absolutely amazing stash of mini (and not so mini) strips of embroidered ribbon (my all time favourite thing!)

I am not sure if I will ever be able to use them because I think they are all so irreplaceable and pretty. I bring them out and look at them often however. Susannah also sent a cute mini windmill for the girl which she runs throughout the house trying to get to twirl. It is quite funny to watch as she constantly looses her balance trying to watch the windmill rather than watch where she is going.

I haven't forgetten Susannah that it was "a swap" I will get a parcel to you soon.

Lastly, thankyou to all the lovely ladies who participated in the last postcard swap of nikkishell's. All the cards were wonderful and so different.

From the bottom left corner, clockwise...
nikki-shell::6.5st (middle)::kittybaroque::cheekybeaks::

EDIT: Apologies to Aja!...I now have all those links right

I hoping that is the lot and that I haven't forgotten any other owed thanks.
Now I can start fresh!


samantha said...

I have missed you little pyglet, but glad to see the reason for your absence. From someone who isn't especially 'clucky' but is now the proud, doting mother of a 4 year old - I can say it is most probably the best parasitic condition you can get!! But I know where you are coming from with the first trimester crap - it really sucks. and even more son when people tell you you are glowing and you feel like sh*t! I must look extremely sickly when I'm not pregnant?!!

chest of drawers said...

You´re welcome! And I just love the coffee cup stamp, you´ll see it on my blog next week.

van said...

maybe you can use the ribbons on something for your condition. ^___^

condition usually feels better when dressed in pretty ribbon dresses... unless condition is in stage blue.


always come back with a blast, that's what i say.

aja said...

You are very welcome!! I also loved how different everyone's was!

weirdbunny said...

I love the owl!

butterflyrocket said...

I am glad you liked the trims! So happy I could share them with someone who loves them as much as I do! Please don't feel pressured by 'the swap'. In your own time :) As you know I took my time so please don't rush!!