Friday, June 23, 2006

first linocut

My first linocut and I quite like it. Amazing!
To my untrained eye I got about 5 good presses out of about 25 passable. I got a few duds aswell (to be expected, I'm sure)

(Sorry for the badly lit photo)

The 5 good ones, I might sell. If there is any interest?
Most of them have become postcards for the latest nikki-shell swap. Hope the recipients like them.


Stacy said...

Just saw these at flickr, and came over to see if you talked about linocutting. I have no idea how to do that, but I just love your result!! They are so so lively and happy looking...

I think you should sell these! They'd make lovely cards too. How big are they?

Funky Finds said...

they look great!

Snowbear said...

oh yes, please do!

butterflyrocket said...

Oh my, these look stunning! Yay yay yay for the postcard swap as I want one of these on my wall!!!

I like imperfect linocuts too :) I haven't done linocutting in years and never one as intricate as this. Well done!

MARYBETH said...

This is Wonderful!! I dont know what a LINOCUT IS! i would love to see the process!
can this be transferred onto canvas like for a tote bag.??


Kate said...

These are wonderful - you should definetelyb be selling them. Love all your drawings!