Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I was just sitting watching Playschool with the girl. They had a cute collage box on the show and they had decorated one side totally in black & white patterns. I thought to myself...

"That's just like backtack3...all black & white..."

It took my poor 2 1/2 year addled brain a while for the cogs to tick over but the penny dropped with a very loud clunk..

"S*@# !"

Yes I missed the sign-up.
(I was even right here on the computer at 9.00am aswell. Aarrgh! Infuriating!)

I am so mega-pissed off at myself. You see I know I now have a bad absent-minded memory, so I wrote myself a note.

I didn't, however take into account my lack of tidyness.

What is unbelievable is that I have now missed out on three of these!

S*@# !...S*@# !...S*@# !


Mirre said...

What a shame; I'm so sorry for you!

ivy said...

I missed it too! I was so sad when I figured out at midnight last night that it had happened at 4pm my time! So sad!

wanna do the swap with me?

susannah said...

Arghh I did similar, realised halfway through watching 'Anthony's Workshop' on 'The Wiggles'.

When I rushed to the computer and saw the 'signup closed' message I could have cried. I'd been thinking black and white and looking out for fabrics and everything. Boo hoo for all of us! Next time we'll make it in..