Saturday, March 11, 2006

sailing?, sale-ing!

I have just been garage sale-ing!
No, not sailing a garage but rummaging and buying other peoples old stuff (like I don't have enough of my own already!)

This, all from one house and all for the measly price of...wait for it...

Match cards - (love these illustrations!)
Got to show you these two but more close-ups here

More cards but not enough to play anything.



Memory game - 2 of each design
Some really cute designs (see here). Check out the suspect leaf the ladybugs are climbing on!

two gorgeous puppy cards

to be continued...


Robin said...

Fantastic finds! Love the memory card game and the sweet doggie card. Good stuff.

nichola said...

those memory cards are fabulous!

twobears said...

Great stuff! Love all those cards.

Heather said...

I miss garage sales.

Kim Carney said...

The match cards are wonderful, well, all the finds you have are! Our garage sales don't start for awhile, or I just never go to them, but I am staring to wonder if I should ;)