Sunday, March 19, 2006


I was being so good!
I had not added any fabric to my overflowing stash since we moved (I am trying to save money and space). I have had my wobbly days but I had been relatively disciplined. The fabric diet has been going well. That was until Susannah over at butterfly rocket happened to mention Reverse Garbage.

I dropped the girl to her final day of childcare and was feeling the weight and slight desperation of wanting to make the most of my final day completely alone (don't fret, I am looking forward to the days of 2.5 year old company). I had to do something apart from going home! The next thing I know my car was driving itself toward the city! I was alarmed but realised early that my dark side had begun to take over...I began to reason... "What are you doing?"..."You can't buy anything anyway"..." You have to use what you have first"... (I have since signed up on flickr)

As the car got closer and closer I could hear my feeble bargaining with the fabric addict sitting in the driver's seat..."O.K. Then just go and look but don't buy anything"...Closer and closer the car drove and the hoarding urge got stonger and stronger. She needed her fix..."You only have five dollars so just spend the cash that you have and no more" (I'm sure I heard a snigger). As I walked in I even tried negative psychology as a last resort..."Never mind there's never anything good anyway"

I am such a liar!
Twenty dollars later and she got what she needed.

Here are just some of the amazing fabrics my fabric addict picked up for me.

She really does know what I like! ;) Gorgeous!
I'd take more photos for you of the other things she got but I don't have the room (in this post or my home!)



susannah said...

ooo so very sorry to be the cause of your downfall ;-) But it was all meant to be. Look what brilliant fabric you, err I mean your fabric addict, scored! Lucky! So did you fill the bag? hehe

You're right though, you DID have to do something with your last day free of little people.

leesa said...

Your dark side and I would get on famously! great stash!