Thursday, February 23, 2006

so little & so much

So little: Not much to say as I have been so busy....mostly it is stuff that will soon need to be done whizzing around in my head. It makes it difficult to concentrate.

So much:

  • The B.A.S. If you are Aussie you know this stands for "Boring As S@#!" but for others it is my Business Activity Statement. I have been procrastinating for months as the last thing I want to do is think about the business that I am so thankful I sold.
  • We found a rental - so we are moving! I cannot think about this until the BAS is done but just the thought of the impending effort is exhausting me! (phones off then on, electricity on for a bit at both but then off, internet cancel then change to ADSL - (no cable is freaking me out!), removalists, packing....I said I can't think about this now!)
  • My mother is going to be "helping" me to move. This gives me anxiety just thinking about it. The help is appreciated but it will not be a pleasant experience (for either of us, I suspect.)
  • We are going to sell our unit and I have the job of completing the fix-ups to get it on the market (what have I got myself into?).
  • We have a lease for 6 months and need to sell and buy a new house within that time (what was I thinking?).
  • We have decided to pull the girl out of day care so I will officially be a SAHM in three weeks - eek!
  • We are trying for another baby. It is sad it has been put on the "to-do' list and I am thinking of temporarily crossing it off. (problem: we have a time and age shortage)
  • Amongst all this we have NO unallocated money so I can't even spend my way out of the anxiety...

These have been helping keep me sane.

Procrastinating always makes me productive. The bathroom is also spotless and I cannot find any more laundry to do.

Wish me luck!


leesa said...

Take a deep breath, it will all be alright! If I lived closer I would give you a hand. Yeah, trying for another baby! me too!

van said...

i'm sending happy thoughts to meet you.
********** there they gooooooooo*******

relax... shame we don't all live next door to each other...

suzy said...

oh my goodness, that's some to-do list! hope it all goes well for you. i am exactly the same with procrastination - the flat is never so clean as when there's other stuff i don't want to do :)

mandy said...

Phew, sounds like you have alot going on!! Would a cup of tea help? Seems to do the job round our way!!??!?!? Hope it all goes well for you!!

lyn said...

Bloody hell !
You are mental.
Mental people make the best parents.
: )
: )

sarah said...

ooh what a list, i'd suggest a cuppa and a BIG piece of cake xxx