Tuesday, February 14, 2006

5 weird habits

Van tagged me! My first legitimate tag.

1- I get an irresistible urge to pee every time I am arriving home. It gets exponentially worse as I head towards the door and if I hear keys jingling....omg! watch out!
(this aspect of this weird habit gives hubby-j his funny 5 minutes whilst he holds me at the front door screaming and jingles his keys close to my ear)

2- My favourite cake is Sara Lee pound cake, but it must be straight out of the freezer with all outside edges, except the top sliced away. I would rather not eat it otherwise.

3- I can cook and I am not that bad, but give me ANYTHING boiled in water (corn, vegies, noodles, eggs etc) and I will almost surely boil it dry. I just forget.
At last count I have ruined 4 pots this way!
(let alone all those others I have had to scrub and scrub to get the char off)

EDIT: Whilst posting this...I burnt the french toast I was making for brekky!

4- "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" is the song I always hum to my daughter as she is going to sleep. It was never a concious choice but no matter what tune I started with, that seemed to always be the tune I came around to in the end. Now we both just find it comforting.

5- When I walk into a public bathroom, I find myself wondering which cubicle would be the most popular (i.e. most used). I imagine a survey I could conduct so women might tell me from the layout of the room, which toilet they would use by choice. (the closest to the door, the furthest away, the hardest to get to, the one with most light, the largest...) You can see how the pros and cons of each of these options could occupy my mind fully whilst I am in there myself.

Oh dear!...

That's about all I can say.


van said...

oh geez!!!
i have the same pee "condition"!
Even if i don't have to go, when i get home i REALLY have to go.
At my older house, i lived on the fifth floor... let's just say, more often than not, it got embarassing! *^_^* i blush

Ez said...

It's great to have found your blog! In regards to #5: I actually read a study they once did about the cleanliness of each stall... and it was discovered that the very first one is statistically the cleanest one. So next time you're in the loo, you'll be able to make an "informed" decision. LOL. Hugs, Ez