Monday, January 30, 2006

house was J - O.K.

Today - no car::speedball No.1::two small chunks of speedy-cut:: a date with etsy::cable that is currently being "shaped" (i.e. painfully slow -aaarrgh!)

I am someone who can live in amongst a messy home for a period of time and then do large sporadic clean and tidy-ups (it's the artist in me. When I am on a roll I cannot keep tidy). hubby-j however does not seem to be able to live with me when the unit is like that, so I regularly try to make the house J.O.K. It literally is only because he likes it that way (and he bitches less).

So, today the car was in the smash repairs (they said two days) I thought that would give me some time to myself before I got stuck into the cleaning.

I had some fun...

These are more hand-carved stamps (coffee cup 3 cm tall). Ideas for the beverage themed artsy crafty challenge

This little guy with big hair decided to say a quick hello near the end. (maybe too much time on my hands?)

Other things... (EDIT: also listed on

hand carved bird gift tags (valentine tags?)


this is now up and running (hopefully everything is working). I have listed the bird notecards as two singles and a pair. Thanks JenRed for her valentine suggestion (and btw Jen- I am looking into the bloglines photo fiasco)

Let me know if there is anything else any of you (de-lurking invitation here) think I should list.

Oh yes and by 5pm, surprise, surprise, no cleaning had been done! Thank my lucky stars my sis happened to drop by and take the girl for an icy-pop. Hubby-j arrived home to his blissful dream 1950's style housewife (dinner ready and all!)

Whew! That was a close one.

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Claire Louise Milne said...

I just found you from JenRed's site. I like your shop! I just started mine too and I haven't had much success yet, but it's good to get started. Your things are nice - I keep trying to put anything I can on etsy so that people have more choice. You never know what people will like!