Thursday, January 19, 2006

hip hip... hang on, wait a minute.

hubby-j's birthday is today!!

I have been working the girl up for the "biiiig paaartey" for a week or so. She insisted on party hats, streamers, whistles, candles, sparklers and of course balloons for her dad. We had it all planned....we'd be lying in wait for when hubby-j opened the door from work. His favourite dinner was to be waiting along with a great big pecan pie from his favourite cafe


hubby-j had chicken for lunch yesterday followed by an extra hot curry that I made for him last night (neither meal has been exonerated at this time). hubby-j was up every hour on the hour overnight bringing all that chicken and extra hot curry back up. He struggled off to work this morning thinking the storm was over but it quickly moved south and he was struggling home again by 2:30. There was no surprise or waiting dinner. However, he did get up for a rendition of the manditory song only to quickly excuse himself to the bathroom...yet again.

Happy birthday J ?


Connie and Rob said...

Oh so sorry he is not feeling well for his birthday! You can give him big hugs and kisses when he feels better and celebrate then.

Happy Birthday J!
Hope you feel better soon!


Anonymous said...
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