Friday, November 25, 2005

swap detective

I received my package for the p.p.o swap today. This cute citrus fishy purse!! The girl loves it! Yellow is her favourite colour and at the moment she is MANIC for Nemo and all things fishy. (I didn't stand a chance once she saw it!)

The only problem I have is that there wasn't anything else in the parcel telling me anything about my swapper. I want to let them know the purse got to me o.k. I am going to have to track down Canadian "R" through the p.p.o. website. It shouldn't be that hard, I hope. If for any reason you are lurking around Mr. or Ms. R...thanks so much...and please leave a comment. I'm going to go search now and I think I am supposed to post a photo of what I got in the gallery. (Good luck to me with the technicalities of that one!)

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