Monday, September 19, 2005

ladybug, ladybug...

We had a weekend of parties!

My sis threw a successful surprise party for her bikieboy on Saturday. I forgot to take my camera so no photos of the Harley cake. Sunday morning was the girl's ladybug party at the park. It was organised then so my sis could come before work. As it turned out mostly everyone had a hangover. So the only photos that were acceptable were of the cake. I spent hours on it...not being a home baker at all. I was quite impressed with myself.

(more photos here, here and here)

I should leave this post here but I cannot help but tell you the bad stuff. Only a few minutes after this lovely shot the boys kicked the footy toward the table. Everyone screamed out to duck and cover heads. Nobody covered the cake...oh no!

Yes... the footy hit the target burying the butterfly candles so deep that we had to do ladybug surgery to get them out. Not long after that we realised that the sun had got her in the face and her make-up was melting. (Butter cream does not go so well in direct sunlight). Football attack and severe sunburn later, nobody dared to eat her. (maybe it was her protective baker they were worried about) All the buggy cupcakes went but no-one would slice into her.

I'm sure she won't escape though. She will be sliced and diced today. She went to daycare with the girl!


betty said...

Hey thanks for your comment and advice. I like your blog. I like all the lurvley pictures and clever creations.

betty said...

I especially like the happy sperm!!

Fiona said...

Love your ladybird cake! I was going to attempt it, but copped out at the last and went for cupcakes instead. What a shame about the football, but it makes for a great story!!

Cheeky Beaks said...

Hey, I also made the Lady bug cake for my son's 1st birthday! The hardest bit was getting the red colour. Thanks for looking in on my site today.