Wednesday, August 24, 2005

lost without her

Left work early yesterday and my mum said she would take the girl for the night. Hubby-j is away on business. Just me! I was looking forward to getting some crafting done. I ran down to the art supply to pick up these ceramic pens I had on hold (the fine ones at the front)

I tried them out on a crap cup I had at home. They are ok but I am not sure that I can class them up. Maybe after a bit of practise. I am positive it has NOT enhanced the cups appearance. At the moment it looks as if the girl has nabbed the cup and a permanent marker and gone to town. In fact, I think she would have done a better there's an idea!

I was exhausted by 10pm. I sat potato-like in front of the telly until the ads became better viewing than the shows (sadly around 11pm here in Sydney - I don't have cable). I never did this before I had the girl or if I did it was not this depressing. I was hoping to be much more productive with my valuable 'me-time'. I never remember me-time being that valuable before. I must be appreciating in value - hope hubby-j realises this!

I feel a bit lost this morning. There was no sing-song "a morna!" (good morning) to greet me. No tiny cold hands reaching into my bed looking for hugs, no warm squiggly body to give an early morning squeezy and no little fingers holding open my eyes one at a time with a face peering into them asking "awake mumma?". I miss it all. Can't wait to pick her up after work.

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Bel said...

Hi! It's so nice to have some time to yourself sometimes, and equally as nice to have your favourite people back again. Thanks for your comments too - it's kind of strange starting out blogging isn't it! Love what you're doing.